what to expect:

Twilight Stretching & ELDOA is an innovative daily 30-minute class designed to target specific regions of the body to improve the function of a joint or joint system. Each class begins with a brief warm-up, usually a stretch or two and then we move through the ELDOA postures of the targeted area. Classes take place in zoom.
The classes are available to ALL age groups, ALL fitness levels, and are a wonderful resource for those with chronic musculoskeletal imbalances and people with an interest in deepening the awareness in their body. In addition to improved posture and less back pain, benefits can range from increased circulation to better gut function.
Sarah, Janine, Sheri & Rebecca believe in offering easy and affordable access to these high quality daily classes for a consistent practice and maximal benefit. The rotating trainer schedule provides a varied perspective and approach. 

what are myofascial + global postural stretching?

These active stretching techniques are an excellent preparation for the ELDOA postures.

In Myofascial Stretching, a posture focuses on one specific muscle or part of a muscle to help normalize the fascia in that area. Global Postural Stretches affect areas of interconnecting fascial bands and muscle tissues and can improve function in many specific areas of the body. 

Both techniques share the same goal: to improve the soft tissue in one area as it relates to the whole. The postures consider the whole fascial chain and environment of the area including visceral organs, joints, muscles, and ligaments. This is what makes the techniques both extremely unique and beneficial.

The sensation is often different from what we expect when we normally think of ‘stretching’ and like the ELDOA postures, can take repetition until we understand how to create all the tensions for the desired effect.

what is ELDOA™ ?

ELDOA™ is a revolutionary technique designed to create space within the body. It is available to ALL age groups and ALL fitness levels. One only needs to be interested in decompression and expansion. 

Created by renowned osteopath Guy Voyer, DO, the name is a French acronym that translates to ‘longitudinal osteo-articular decoaptation stretches’. The practice offers a refreshing approach to joint health, back pain, improved posture and so much more. 

The ELDOA are a group of full body postural exercises for the joints of the spine, pelvic girdle, scapular girdle and skull. In an ELDOA posture, one joint is targeted by using myofascial tension to pull away from a created fixed point. This combination of tension and stretching allows for space in the chosen articulation.

ELDOA is an incredible tool to normalize tension, address imbalances, and restore function. This is why ELDOA is beneficial for desk jockeys to professional athletes and everyone in between. 

our story :

Twilight Stretching & ELDOA was born out of the first covid lockdown in Berlin in March 2020. With life coming to a sudden standstill and no studio group classes to teach, we saw an opportunity to begin a more consistent ELDOA  practice at home, and decided to offer these 30-minute practices online. 

We all strongly believe in maintaining our own ELDOA practice and in sharing the practice with others. That’s why you can expect to see us taking each other’s class as often as we can. The improvements we’ve personally experienced and the changes we’ve noticed in our clients is the inspiration to continue. Since March, we’ve experimented with different permutations of how we offer classes and we are thrilled to have landed here in our own virtual space. We hope you enjoy the virtual studio! 

teachers :

Originally trained as a dancer, Janine was one of the original four Canadian Pilates teachers, training under Diane Miller in the late 1980s. In 2013 she discovered the ELDOA method through Carolyn Woods and went on to certify as a trainer with Rucsandra Mitrea and Guy VOYER, DO.  She is excited to be a part of the Twilight Stretching team!

Rebecca is a passionate mover who is endlessly interested in learning how to keep her mind and body healthy. She wants to live in a world where smiles are frequent, facts are respected and questioning is abundant. While in NYC, Rebecca completed a BFA in dance at Marymount Manhattan College and a contemporary Pilates mat certification through Erika Bloom Pilates in New York City. Since then she has participated in many continuing education workshops and certifications in self-massage, mobility & strength training, movement, yoga, Feldenkrais, kinesiology, and became a student practitioner of the ELDOA technique in November 2018. Rebecca launched Pilates Inspired Practice in October 2017. PiP offers online classes that are intended to help amplify and support wellness routines around the world. Rebecca currently lives in Berlin, Germany where she is teaching classes and private sessions. Find more at rebeccarainey.com / pilatesinspiredpractice.com.

Nicole is a level 2 certified ELDOA student practitioner. She was introduced to ELDOA in 2016 in Vancouver, BC and has been practicing ever since! Her regular weekly practice launched her into a journey of personal healing and restoration. She discovered a new strength and freedom in movement in her body and is excited to help others do the same.
Nicole has experience in Pilates training and also demonstrating virtual ELDOA and Pilates mat classes. She is looking forward to joining the twilight community!

One ELDOA class was all it took for Sheri to drink the ELDOA kool-aid. She completed her Pilates training in 2016 and spent the following years focusing on ELDOA and other methods developed by Guy VOYER, DO. In 2018 she added myofascial stretching to her repertoire, and in 2019 she became an ELDOA Level 4 Trainer. Since then, she has also completed the Global Postural Stretching (GPS), and Abdominal Wall + Thoracic Diaphragm strengthening courses.

Sarah was introduced to the ELDOA method in 2016 when visiting a friend (thanks Kristy Ruffino!)in her hometown of Folsom, Louisiana.  After the first class she was hooked and fascinated, so she quickly registered in a certification course to better understand how and why this made her feel so good. She is still trying to understand the finer details of this and continues to study exercise and manual therapy with the creator of the method - Guy VOYER, DO.