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ELDOA™ Trainers + Practitioners classes:
Thanks to all the teachers who joined us and submitted awesome questions for Steph McCusker's class and discussion about "ELDOA for Scoliosis" on May 8th. The next class is in the works; stay tuned.
What is this?
Every 6-8 weeks, Twilight ELDOA™ hosts a master class exclusively for ELDOA teachers, led by an experienced ELDOA teacher trainer.
So far, we have hosted wonderful classes with Ilaria Cavagna, Stephanie McCusker, Lisa Marie Farley, Paul Sherman, Peter Bodi, Victoria Torrie-Capan, and Rucsandra Mitrea. The class begins with a short ELDOA class taught by the teacher-trainer, and then we all have a discussion to ask questions and clarify our work.  
This is an affordable and accessible way to continue your ELDOA education, and learn from other teachers and teacher-trainers! Don't miss it!
The classes are 2 hours and cost €22. For more information, email or see our instagram at twilight_eldoa
Upcoming classes are listed here and on our Instagram account (twilight_eldoa).

WELCOME our new Twilight ELDOA teachers!
We are so excited to have two new teachers (new to us, not new to ELDOA). Sarah Kirkpatrick and Sarah Fregeau, who are teaching Mondays and Tuesdays. They each bring years of experience and a unique take on the wonderful world of ELDOA. Join them for class when you can!