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ELDOA Trainers + Practitioners classes:
NEXT CLASS: Saturday, Jan 28th at 6pm Berlin | 12pm Toronto/NYC | 9am Vancouver/Cali
Guest teacher: Rucsandra Mitrea (ELDOA trainer since the 90's!).
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What is this?
Every 6-8 weeks, Twilight ELDOA™ hosts a class for ELDOA teachers, where we do a short ELDOA class together, and then have a discussion to answer questions and clarify our work. Each class features a different ELDOA teacher trainer (so far, we have been lucky to work with Ilaria Cavagna, Stephanie McCusker, Lisa Marie Farley, Paul Sherman, Peter Bodi, Victoria Torrie-Capan, and Rucsandra Mitrea. The classes are 2 hours and cost €22. For more information, email or see our instagram at twilight_eldoa

WELCOME our new Twilight ELDOA teachers!
We are so excited to have two new teachers (new to us, not new to ELDOA). Sarah Kirkpatrick and Sarah Fregeau, who are teaching Mondays and Tuesdays. They each bring years of experience and a unique take on the wonderful world of ELDOA. Join them for class when you can!